Spiritual Services


Divine Grace Hospice offers spiritual services to patients nearing the end of their life. Our team has the experience and capability necessary to ease emotional turmoil and bring a greater sense of peace and comfort.

As hospice patients come to terms with their terminal illness, the care team will do all they can to ease physical pain and symptoms. But many patients silently struggle with emotional turmoil and spiritual questions as their life draws to a close.

It’s important to recognize that spiritual care is not an optional component of end-of-life care — it’s a key component. Our team supports patients of all faiths and religious backgrounds, and we’re committed to their spiritual well-being.


What is Spiritual Care in Hospice?

Our spiritual care team addresses an individual’s religious needs, regardless of whether they believe in God or a higher power, or hold other beliefs. For example, spiritual care may help patients process the existential questions that human beings have contemplated for thousands of years: What is the meaning of life? Where do we go after death?

These deep questions can feel overwhelming and cause stress, especially for patients receiving hospice care. Our spiritual care team helps ease these concerns to give patients a deep sense of peace and comfort during this time.

The Benefits of Spiritual Support in End of Life Care

As a hospice patient nears the end of their life, they may grapple with doubts about their life’s legacy and value. Spiritual services in hospice care may offer the following benefits:

  • Comfort and Peace: Hospice patients may struggle with personal regrets and existential fears. Spiritual care is designed to bring a sense of peace, contentment, and rest. Our hospice chaplains pray with patients and offer words of wisdom that will bring comfort in their final days.
  • Meaning: For some, discovering the meaning and purpose of life is a lifelong journey. A hospice patient may feel like they failed to find their true calling or maybe they need to reflect back on their purpose. Conversations with chaplains will offer hospice patients the opportunity to see how meaningful their life has been.
  • Greater Quality of Life: Once hospice patients address and overcome their fears, they experience emotional and spiritual wellness that gives them the freedom to enjoy precious days and moments with their family and friends. Spiritual care is designed to alleviate end-of-life spiritual pain and help improve hospice patients’ quality of life.

Spiritual Services Offered By Divine Grace Hospice

Our spiritual care team is focused on meeting the patient right where they’re at in their religious beliefs or practice. Spiritual services are highly personal and sensitive to the patient’s needs. Some patients decline spiritual care, while others have a greater need for spiritual support.

Divine Grace Hospice chaplains and volunteer chaplains work closely with patients to offer prayer, teaching, and other religious rituals, depending on the patient’s beliefs. If the patient needs to work through difficult questions, then our chaplains can offer one-on-one spiritual counseling. Regardless of the patient’s spiritual health, our spiritual services are always personalized.

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